Why Choose Furnished Serviced Apartments When Traveling?

Travelers today have many more options when it comes to their accommodations than ever before. One such option is a furnished, serviced apartment. This is an apartment that offers the amenities of a hotel, such as cleaning and maid service, valet service, and the like. These apartments can range in size and location; they are usually located in a building like a hotel but which also resembles a full apartment complex.

If you haven't thought about staying in a furnished, serviced apartment when traveling, note a few reasons why it's such a good choice, for business travel or for fun.

1. You're traveling with others

When traveling with others, whether it's your family or with friends, you might consider a furnished and serviced apartment. You can save money by sharing one apartment between yourself and friends or another family, while still having maximum room and privacy, versus staying in one hotel room or small suite. With family, you can opt for an apartment with separate bedrooms so the kids are still close by but everyone has their privacy. This allows you to put the kids to bed in a separate room while the adults watch a movie or enjoy their privacy.

2. Living, not sleeping

When traveling for any extended length of time, you want accommodations that are good for living and not just sleeping. A furnished and serviced apartment makes you feel like you're staying in a real home and not just a room. You can spread out your work papers in the office and then relax in the living room, and eat in the dining area. This is much better than setting up your computer and papers on a small table or the bed in a hotel room. 

For personal vacations, you can host friends you've made during your travels much easier than in a hotel room. When traveling with family, an apartment with a full kitchen means you can store food in the refrigerator and cook for everyone without worrying about eating out for every meal.

3. Added amenities and features

The larger size of an apartment versus a hotel room means you may have a larger balcony to enjoy while traveling, and a larger gym, sauna, and other amenities that are often not offered at hotels. Very often when someone stays at a hotel, they are there just for the night, and hotels may not worry so much about offering them a full gym, oversized hot tub, and other such features. A serviced apartment will usually offer these types of amenities and features you won't find at most overnight hotels.

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