Security Window Screens

Security window screens are screen applications for windows that provide superior protection against intrusion, direct sunlight and UV rays as well as unwanted pests. One of the major reasons why people install security window screens is for security purposes.

They are not like security bars but serve the same purpose of preventing unwanted access through the windows by intruders or burglars while still protecting your glass window from damage through impact:

Material used

Security screens are made of steel rather than aluminium or fiberglass. In most cases, they can even be coated to resemble regular insect screening. Steel is a tough material which is resistant to any forced entry, either through cutting or forced entry. The steel mesh is sandwiched firmly inside a frame which is bolted together such that the mesh panel cannot be pulled out.

Installation of security screens

Security window screens are mounted permanently on the windows. They are hinged on one side and latched with stainless steel bolt latches in order to provide an exit in case of an emergency. While one may feel that they can carry out DIY installation of security screens, it is important to get a professional to do it for you.

This is because cutting the screen mesh into size and fitting it into the frame requires the use of specialized tools which you may not have access to. A professional will also ensure that hinges are firmly installed to resist any force applied on them.  Like all other windows, it is very important that they do not hinder evacuation in case of an emergency even as they help keep intruders out.

Security screen designs

Security window screens do not interfere with the style and aesthetics of your home. They can be custom made to suit the style, color and type of windows on which they are being installed. This way, your home remains safe from burglars and intruders whether you are around or away without compromising the curb appeal that comes with your chosen style.

Level of security offered

Windows and glass doors are the most vulnerable access points for any intruders and burglars. Criminals can break glass of windows near doors, reach out and unlock the entry. Window security screens enforce the glass windows and create an almost impenetrable and unbreakable barrier.

They are resistant to hammers, knives, assault rifles and any other tools that can be used to break through a glass window. Though security screens do not stop bullets, they resist further cutting and tearing making it impossible to create an opening large enough to reach through and open a door.

The use of security window screens is an ideal solution for homeowners, business and other institutions in trying to prevent burglary. Not only do they restrict access, but also delay intruders when trying to access your premises through windows. This can buy you enough time to take measures such as calling for help.

To learn more, contact a company such as Bonds Security Products with any questions or concerns you have.