A Supplies Checklist for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

If you are looking to offer commercial cleaning services, it is important to have a checklist for some of the supplies you need. This helps to ensure that you have all the basics that can help you get the work done. To make sure you have all the necessary tools, make sure you have the following types of items. 


There are supplies that should not be missed. These help in a wide range of commercial cleaning functions and they are cheap and easy to find.. These include trash bags, brooms and dustpans, hand sanitisers, surface disinfecting wipes, vacuum cleaners, latex gloves, water buckets, toilet brushes and toilet bowl cleaners. Most of the cleaning needs can be handled using these items. 


In addition to the essential commercial cleaning supplies, there are basics items to make your commercial company a success. These provide additional functionality as compared to the essentials. You may not need to use them as frequently as the essentials but they come in handy when doing some cleaning jobs. These include sponge mops, bleaches, vinegar, brillo pads, baking soda, anti-dust sprays, wood polish, and dust towels. There should be enough that your team doesn't have to share or wait for others to finish using them.


There are some other supplies that are only for specific purposes. You might only need these supplies for some specific commercial cleaning situations. Otherwise, there is no need to have them in stock. They also come in handy when the other supplies cannot get the job done. For instance, sometimes the other cleaning supplies may not get rid of a mould infestation. In this case, you need the commercial cleaning supplies that can help you get rid of the mould. Some of these specialty supplies include insecticides, lubricants, specialized vacuum cleaners, and mould cleaners. While these supplies may be costlier than the others, they are effective.

Other Cleaning Supplies

There are also some other commercial cleaning supplies that might come in handy for a cleaning project. One of them is the cleaning caddies. This helps to move the other cleaning supplies around. This is especially important when cleaning over a large area and you do not need to carry the cleaning equipment on your back. The others are laundry bags. These help to carry the cleaning rags used for the project. They can be separate bags for the clean and dirty rags. There are various companies in Australia that deal with cleaning services and which can help with these supplies.