Eradicating The Curse Of Office Cable Bugs

If members of your office staff have been complaining that they've been bitten on the ankles whilst at work, you might be worried that you have a nasty pest infestation on your hands.  However, before you summon the pest controller, you might want to have a chat with a professional commercial cleaning services company.

What is office carpet cable bug?

The nasty nibbler that's causing such a commotion in your company is probably not actually a living entity at all; your staff strife is more likely to be caused by a phenomenon called, 'office carpet cable bug'. 

The cable bug's favourite habitat is the areas in your office that have plenty of electrical equipment and paper.  Static generated by appliances such as photocopiers and computers gets into your carpets, attracting minute splinters of paper.  As your workers walk through an infested area or roll around the synthetic carpeting on wheeled chairs, tiny fragments of paper 'jump' through the static-laden air onto their legs, causing nasty stinging 'bites' and reddening of the victim's skin.

How to tackle cable bugs

Luckily, regular attendance by a firm of professional commercial cleaners will quickly wipe out an infestation of cable bugs. 

Stage one of the treatment entails a thorough vacuuming of your carpets to remove all loose paper particles and fibres.  Attention should also be given to furniture in these areas, which should be vacuumed using a crevice tool to get rid of any fragments of paper that might be caught in joints or underneath drawers.

All areas around electrical equipment will then be wiped down using a damp cloth soaked in a mild solution of soapy water to help damp down the static.  An antistatic spray will then be applied to especially vulnerable areas, such as printers and photocopier machines.

Prevention of further 'infestations'

  • Apply anti-static spray regularly in areas around electrical equipment.  
  • Replace synthetic office carpets with better-quality, natural fibre material to prevent the buildup of static.  
  • Encourage your staff to apply moisturiser to their lower legs at intervals during the working day.  This prevents static buildup and thus keeps the bugs at bay.  
  • Electronic equipment and wheeled, rolling chairs should be placed on antistatic rubber pads to control the build-up of static in the carpet beneath.   

In conclusion

Cable bugs can be an irritating menace in your office premises.  Regular attendance by your local cleaning services company will quickly send the bugs packing and restore calm to your office. For more information, contact SKG Pty Ltd or a similar company.