Often-Overlooked Tips for Ensuring a Fast Home Sale

Selling a home can be a difficult prospect in today's crowded real estate market, which is why homeowners want to do everything they can to make their home appeal to buyers. If you don't think like a buyer and don't consider what buyers are looking for when they shop for a new home, you may see your home languish on the market for months, if you ever get an offer at all. Note a few tips for ensuring a fast home sale that many homeowners overlook, but which can help you to get buyers through the door and get offers on the table.

1. Start with the outside

The outside of your home is more important than you may realize; if buyers don't like what they see when they pull up to the curb, they may never set foot inside the door. It's a good idea to remove anything from the front lawn and backyard that isn't landscaping, meaning it's time to put away the kid's bikes and toys, the dog crate, and all the lawn care tools. Leave out nothing more than patio furniture that's neatly arranged and be sure you've pulled weeds, trimmed hedges, and even hosed down the driveway and walkways as needed.

2. Remove all signs of pets

If a potential home buyer has pet allergies or just doesn't like animals, they may not want a house that contained animals, as lingering pet hair and odors can be bothersome to them. Remove all signs of pets when you have an open house or showing; take the pet with you if you leave the home yourself and put away their food and water dishes, beds, and toys. Be sure you've cleaned the vents of all stray pet hairs and ask friends for an honest opinion about whether or not the home smells of pet odors. Take care of the smell before your home goes on the market by shampooing the carpet, cleaning the furniture, and washing out the cat's litter box or dog's bed if needed.

3. Make small repairs

Don't assume that small repairs won't get in the way of a home sale, as a potential home buyer may start making a running list in their head of all the repairs that need to be done. Those seemingly few small repairs can add up to a very large list! Remove peeling wallpaper, nail down a baseboard that has come loose, fix a dripping faucet, and replace those few roofing tiles before you try to sell your home. This can ensure a faster sale overall.

For further help with property sales, contact a professional real estate agent.