Is Asbestos in Your Home? A Guide to Safe Discovery and Removal

Many older homes contain asbestos in numerous places. Seemingly innocuous things like tiles, insulation, and roof shingles can all be guilty of having the dangerous additive that creates an unsafe environment by contaminating the air. While sheltered asbestos is not yet airborne (and therefore not dangerous), anytime deterioration or damage to an asbestos-containing substance occurs, the small fibers can be released into the surrounding area. If you are the owner of an aged home or are looking to purchase one, make sure to read the following asbestos management plan for searching for and eliminating this substance.

Real Estate | 3 Strategies To Make A Fixer Upper Attractive For Homebuyers

Selling any home can be daunting, but attempting to sell a fixer upper comes with its own set of challenges. Homebuyers most often look for well-presented real estate properties with modern amenities. Fixer uppers usually have a few problems that may not appeal to all homebuyers. The pivotal key to succeeding in selling your fixer upper is to appeal to the right kind of audience for your home. This guide is designed to help you make your fixer upper attractive to potential homebuyers.

Real Estate | 3 Alternative Buying Strategies When Your Dream Home is Exorbitantly Priced

So you had a particular three-bedroom real estate property in mind, but simply can't afford to buy it? With the median house price in Australia rising to a whopping $660,000, it's no surprise that young professionals and first-home buyers are finding it increasingly hard to penetrate into the real estate market. That doesn't mean you should completely give up on your dream. Here are some alternative buying strategies to follow when your dream home is exorbitantly unaffordable.

Why Should You Hire A Property Manager?

Are you thinking about venturing into the business of renting out real estate property? Well, that's a brilliant idea! The real estate business is certainly a lucrative one to invest in, but you need the right people to stay above your rivals. If you can't or just don't want to manage the rental property yourself, here's what a property manager will bring to the table: Save you the hassle of dealing with tenant issues

Handy Tips From Property Investment Advisors

Buying property, whether for residential or commercial use, is a big investment. As such, it is recommended to have a solid plan on how to go about it to avoid losing your money. Here are some tips from property investment advisor on how best to go about this process: Hire a property investment advisor This is especially crucial if you are new to the property market and are making your first purchase.